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L.V. Harkness Customer Survey

Posted June 5, 2018
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Maximilian Riedel on Choosing the Right Wine Glasses

Posted September 20, 2012
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Alpacas but were Afraid to Ask

Posted May 10, 2012
Recently, this question has arisen: Alpaca is a wool, but what type of animal is the alpaca? Fortunately, our good friends at SFERRA have an answer. According to them: The alpaca is a long-haired, domesticated member of the camel family, native to South America, and highly-prized for its silky, long-fiber wool. In appearance, the alpaca resembles a llama. Its fleece produces a lustrous, silken natural-fiber yarn. Al... read more

Trophies for Bluegrass Sports Awards

Posted February 22, 2012
L.V. Harkness recently created the trophies for the Bluegrass Sports Awards held on February 15, 2012.  The trophies were sand carved by our in-house team of artisans.  Photos courtesy of TOPS in Lex.... read more

Anna Weatherley in Vanity Fair

Posted December 3, 2010
Our good friend Anna Weatherley made an appearance in Vanity Fair. Will her next motif feature guns? Well, probably not, but regardless if you thought you knew tabletop designer Anna Weatherley you might want to give this a read. Very entertaining.... read more

A Locket Reunion

Posted May 13, 2010
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LVH on WKYT Noon News

Posted February 4, 2010
Kathleen — one of the LVH crew — had the fabulous opportunity to appear on WKYT with Joy Robyn Fenwick and Bill Watts to talk about the Night of Literary Feasts 2010. The video aired on the noon news on Tuesday, February 2nd. L.V. Harkness is proud to be involved with fundraising for the ... read more

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