Atlanta Market 2011

Posted January 19, 2011

It’s no secret that we love to travel. Swiftly packing a carry-on and catching the next flight to Paris to chase down a limited handbag is simply a matter of course. There are times, however, when a jet isn’t required for fine gifts — sometimes we just need to drive down the road a bit and visit our fine acquaintances in Atlanta.

Rob, Emily and Carol were hand selected by The Proprietress to visit the The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market. Rob and Emily are interior design experts, with keen eyes for home décor and accessories. Carol is at the helm of bridal registries and is attuned to the needs of the lovely young ladies who register at L.V. Harkness. All three share undisputed taste.

For five days, the expeditionary force scoured a surprisingly frosty Atlanta — and naturally they pulled through. Keep your eyes open for new brands in the store and online as well as fantastic new additions to old favorites. Dazzling jewelry, vibrant frames, cuddly baby gifts and gifts for the ever-hard-to-shop-for men in your life.

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