Blabla's Mr. X Makes his Television Debut

Posted December 1, 2010

Remember that great KIA Sorento commercial that ran during the Superbowl? It featured a motley crew of children's toys on an adventurous road trip. Well, there's a boogaloo in that commercial. Yes, a boogaloo. Specifically, one named Mr. X.

The commercial was titled Joyride Dream and was set to the tune of The Heavy's How You Like Me Now. Joyride Dream's director, Colin Jeffery had the following to say about Mr. X, "We had a tough time deciding which Blabla to use in the commercial since everyone involved had their favorite. Mr. X came out tops. He fuses old world and new world perfectly. And he has an awesome top hat.”

Personally, I'm not surprised they chose Mr. X. We love all of the Blabla dolls, rattles and children's clothing. But for the upstairs crew at L.V. Harkness — Mr. X is the topic of conversation at least twice a week.

Mr. X, you are my hero.


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