Everything You Wanted to Know About Alpacas but were Afraid to Ask

Posted May 10, 2012

Recently, this question has arisen: Alpaca is a wool, but what type of animal is the alpaca?

Fortunately, our good friends at SFERRA have an answer. According to them:
The alpaca is a long-haired, domesticated member of the camel family, native to South America, and highly-prized for its silky, long-fiber wool. In appearance, the alpaca resembles a llama.

Its fleece produces a lustrous, silken natural-fiber yarn. Alpaca is considered by many to be as soft and warm as cashmere, yet is lighter in weight, producing yarn with greater durability and strength. Its softness is derived from the fine diameter of its fibers; because the alpaca’s hair fibers have a smoother surface than most other wool-producing animals, textiles made from alpaca yield a beautiful sheen and luster. And while it has similarities to sheep’s wool, alpaca fibers are naturally hypoallergenic because they contain no lanolin.

While you let that soak in. Please enjoy the funniest alpacas videos we could find:
1. Alpaca Limbo
2. Sleepy Baby Alpaca
3. Possessed Alpaca
4. Star Wars Alpaca Approach
5. Amorous Alpacas Crash Morning Show

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