Horsetails 2010 at L.V. Harkness

Posted May 11, 2010

There is a surprising relationship between music and the horse, one that is often overlooked. String instruments would not exist without the horse's contribution, and without this magnificent creature we would have no orchestras, no fiddles, no string quartets. For centuries, the horse has donated its tail hairs to be strung across the bow, a characteristic unique to string instruments.

Fifty-two artists from around the country have been chosen and each given small replicas of a violin and bow. Each artist has been assigned an unforgettable, beloved horse and has created a work of art. The result is fifty-four works of art that make up Horsetails 2010. Each completed work of art will eventually be auctioned at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games — with all proceeds going to the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra's Partners in Education, a program benefiting Kentucky children through music education.

L.V. Harkness & Co. hosted the Premier Exhibition at their storefront at 531 West Short Street on April 21. Harkness Edwards Vineyard wine was savored as guests previewed world-class works of art that were inspired by exceptional horses of varied breeds.

Photographs courtesy of To view all of this event's photographs please visit the gallery!


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