Introducing Green Sweet, the Stain and Liquid Repellent Table Linens by Garnier Thiebaut

Posted February 28, 2013

L.V. Harkness is pleased to introduce a new line of table linens we will be carrying in the spring - Appoline White, part of the Garnier Thiebaut "Green Sweet" collection. Appoline White is not only a beautiful table cloth, but also stain repellent and spill proof.

So how is this miracle of home decor possible? The folks at Garnier Thiebaut were inspired by plants that always look clean because dust and grime will not stick to their surfaces. With that in mind, the Green Sweet technology wraps individual cotton fibers with a finish that makes them repel stains and resist abrasion. The nanotechnology used to make the Green Sweet finish creates a bumpy structured surface on the fabric during the finishing process, which keeps liquids, solids and any other dirt from getting a grip on the fabric. The substances easily wipe off or brush away without leaving a stain.

The Green Sweet finish on linens also makes them longer lasting and easier to care for. A double twisted thread jacquard weave contributes to the cloth's durability and feels the same as untreated fine quality damask woven cloth. Wiping the linens with a damp sponge or cloth will keep them fresh and clean. Machine washing and drying will not harm their protective function.

Experience the dream of frustrated hostesses the world over.


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