L.V. Harkness at WEG 2010

Posted December 10, 2010

2010 has been a big year for L.V. Harkness. Since the announcement four year ago that the world would descend on Lexington in the Autumn of 2010, L.V. Harkness has been hard at work preparing for our involvement. Meg Jewett and her staff developed the unbelievably beautiful team and individual trophies with some of the world's finest artisans, and we are pleased to say that they were extremely well-received. In addition to the trophies, our dedicated staff also completely furnished and decorated the VIP tent, helped to accesorize the Champion's Club and the Maker's Mark Bourbon Village, AND managed to open a wonderfully successful boutique inside the Bourbon Village, all while maintaining extended hours in our store on Short Street! What an incredible sixteen days it was...truly an honor to be such a big part of this unprecedented event for our city, and for Kentucky.

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