Monograms - How do you know which kind to use?

Posted March 11, 2013

Same Size Letters: This style, where all the letters in the monogram are the same size, is commonly chosen for single people. It is also frequently used as a gift specifically for dads, such as a decanter given on Fathers' Day. Regardless of the person, the sequence remains the same: first name initial to the left; middle name initial in the center; and the last name initial to the right.

Single Person: The most common sequence is: last name initial larger and in the center; first name initial placed to the left, and middle initial placed to the right.

Married Woman: If a woman wishes to incorporate her maiden name initials in her monogram, the sequence is: the last name initial of the married couple placed larger in the center; her first name initial is the placed to the left; and her maiden name initial is placed to the right. This type of monogram is usually reserved for more formal things such as cut glass, china and silverware.

Married Couple: This type of monogram commonly incorporates both the man and the woman's initials as follows: the couple's last name is larger and in the center; the woman's first name initial is placed in the left; and the man's first name initial is placed on the right.

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