The L.V. Harkness Catalogue

Posted January 21, 2011

After nine long months of product selection, photography, layout, and editing, L.V. Harkness & Co. has produced its first catalogue in-house. Abounding with a collection of wondrous items and limited edition marvels, the catalogue also follows the adventures of L.V. Harkness's very own world traveling Proprietress (also known as The P.). You will see a lot of The Proprietress in the pieces presented in the catalogue — her love of Kentucky’s incomparable landscape and the equestrian lifestyle she lives and breathes. She respects that which is fine, that which is uncompromisingly crafted with precision and pride. The P. is an unabashed champion of luxury and has personally curated the pages of the catalogue just for you.

Meissen, Daum, Buccellati—you know the names, The Proprietress knows them. She’s been in their ateliers. She’s been at their dinner tables. She says, “Try this,” and suddenly a new collection is born — collections that have been handpicked for the catalogue. Treasures are revealed that were designed exclusively for L.V. Harkness and can be found nowhere else; limited edition wonders from the European masters of extravagance.

If you’re shopping for loved ones, the catalogue is a great resource of gift ideas. For the children in your life, there are the magical dolls from Blabla. Handcrafted by artisan knitters in Peru and inspired by Gustave Doré illustrations,these dolls are designed to feel like old friends. For the wine lover in your life, give them the Clef du Vin. This ingenious tool (French of course) combines science and entertainment. Dip the Clef into a glass of wine, and for every second it remains, the contents are aged the equivalent of one year in a wine cellar.

If you wish to receive your own catalogue, please feel free to pick one up from L.V. Harkness, or view the catalogue online at There’s a lot to peruse. So take your time. What L.V. Harkness has put together for you is something special. We promise.


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