What does Giza 45 mean?

Posted March 13, 2012


Giza 45 refers to the quality of the Egyptian cotton. Grades are based upon the length and diameter of fiber and condition of the cotton. The longer the fiber and the smaller the diameter, the finer the yarn can be spun and, accordingly, the better the rating the cotton will receive.

The different variations are denoted by a number, for example Giza 45 or Giza 70. These two grades are of extremely high quality and are sought after because of the extra long staples produced. From the most fertile valley of the Nile River in Egypt comes the world's finest super long staple cotton yarn – Giza 45. These yarns represent less than one percent of all of the Egyptian cotton yarn exported annually.

SFERRA GIZA 45® are the world’s finest sheets, period, end of story. We know of no one who disputes this claim, as they are woven from the world’s finest cotton; the world renowned Giza 45 yarn. The SFERRA GIZA 45 Percale is lightweight and sinfully soft; the Sateen and Jacquard would probably beat silk in a blind feel test. All are offered in White or Ivory.



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