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Blue Onion Vine Relief Dinner Plate
Blue Onion Vine Relief Dinner Plate
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Item #: 100589
11.4" diameter

The history of porcelain manufacturing in Europe begins in Meissen, Germany near Dresden, the cradle of European porcelain. Apart from the short-lived production of the Medici factory in Florence in the 1560's, Meissen was the first successful producer of hard-paste porcelain - or true porcelain - in Europe. Meissen's products, and those of its imitators, who came later, destroyed the supremacy of the oriental porcelain that had held a virtual monopoly in the world since Marco Polo opened the china trade in 1295.
In the 17th and 18th centuries porcelain was viewed as a great luxury in Europe. Court society longed for everything rare, which porcelain was. It became the fashion for northern European rulers to install a porcelain room where every inch was covered by porcelain. Just as in our time, the ownership of such precious things demonstrated wealth, luxury, and culture.

In 2000, Meissen visited L. V. Harkness & Company in Lexington, Kentucky. They became enchanted with the Bluegrass region, its legends and its stories, and not long after their visit, created a new pattern, called "Bluegrass" on the Waves form. This they dedicated to L. V. Harkness to commemorate their visit. It is understandable that we are very proud of such an incredible honor. L.V. Harkness is also proud to have Meissen create "Jockey Birds" in honor of Kentucky's rich racing heritage. a very unique gift from the rolling hills of Kentucky.

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