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Nymphenburg Porzellan
English Bulldog
English Bulldog
Item #: 69527
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6.75" x 11"

In the White House, it goes without saying that the "First Dog" is part of the staff. A venerable tradition, that is thoroughly recommendable, since it’s well-known that the spending time with dogs reduces stress. Those who don’t fancy the daily care, walks, and above all the necessary upbringing, can turn to this magnificent specimen of an English bulldog. Konrad Schmid studied the characteristics of the species with various English breeders for seven months. The head should be bulky, moderately large in relation to the body, and have a short snout. Other striking characteristics include the broad chest, the narrow hindquarters, and the low-set tail. The ears are set far apart high on the head, high above the eyes, and are small and thin – known as “rose ears”. Schmid's extensive studies culminated in 1929 with Harry the Bulldog and other characterful animals he designed for the manufactory’s master workshops.