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Richard Ginori 1735
Fiesole Salad Bowl
Fiesole Salad Bowl
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Item #: 38739
Richard Ginori 1735
Fiesole Salad Bowl

$335 Please call or email for price.
10.43" Diameter

Personalization details:
L.V. Harkness offers the option of personalizing the classical and elegant pattern "Fiesole" as per customer request. The personalization will refer to the change of the image of framed "ancient view". The other details of "Fiesole" pattern will stay the same.

Personalization is a six month project. Two months to develop the samples and four months for production and delivery.

In the personalized project, please consider that the dimensions of the frame are: 2.5" x 1.5"

For questions and additional details, please call 1-866-225-7474 for customer service.
**Please contact store for availability and details regarding this item at 866-225-7474 or at sales@lvharkness.com.