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Monica Rich Kosann
Floral Oval Locket
Floral Oval Locket
Item #: 79997
$445 Please call or email for price.
Sterling Silver.
Chain Length: 18"
Locket Measures 1" in Height (not including the bail).
Each of our Sterling Silver Lockets is reinforced with an element of white gold in the closure. You'll hear a distinct "click" when you shut your locket - a sound that reminds you of the heirloom quality craftsmanship used to create each piece.

This iconic oval locket is our most popular offering and will become a classic heirloom piece for a family. This locket is embellished with our signature floral pattern. The locket holds two photos and is available on a decorative open weave 18" chain or a 36" Straight Chain. Photos easily slide in the top of each image case.
**Please contact store for availability and details regarding this item at 866-225-7474 or at sales@lvharkness.com.