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Honey For The Grill 12 Oz Honey For The Grill 12 Oz Honey For The Grill 12 Oz
Honey For The Grill 12 Oz

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Honey for the Grill is specially selected and blended to be robust enough to hold up on the grill. The aroma from your backyard barbecue will amaze you … and your neighbors.

Start a glaze with the honey, dijon mustard and olive oil mixed at a ratio of your preference (start out with equal honey and mustard and about 3 times as much olive oil). Then you can spice or add the acidity of lemon and/or vinegar to match this glaze to the meat or vegetables of your choice.

Tasting Notes: Rich, smokey, maple-caramel flavor.

Region: Georgia and South Carolina Low Country

Pairings: Best for grilling for meat, poultry, and seafood marinades or sauces. Pairs beautifully with vegetable kabobs or wild salmon.


Bee Fact: Honey is the only food that includes all life-sustaining substances - enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water.
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