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Mississippi Baby Cup 5 Oz

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Hand spun by awesome artisans in the U.S., the Mississippi baby cup makes a delightful baby gift.

It’s modeled after a design by the most successful colonial silversmith in Natchez – so it’s a little piece of history to celebrate a new generation!

2 3/4" Height x 3 3/4" Width (including handle)

Care: Wash your pewter in warm water, using mild soap and a soft cloth. Dry with a soft cloth. Your pewter should never be exposed to an open flame or excessive heat. Store your pewter trays flat, cups upright, etc. to prevent warping. Do not wrap pewter in anything other than the original wrapping to prevent scratching. Never wrap pewter in tissue paper, as fine line scratching will occur. Never put pewter in a dishwasher. Hand wash only.
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