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Kirk Stieff
Repousse Sterling Tablespoon
Repousse Sterling Tablespoon
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Item #: 80837
$280 Please call or email for price.
8" Length

A spoon that can be used for eating hearty stews and cold or hot cereals.

Sure to become the conversation piece at any dining occasion, this ornate pattern is embellished with an abundance of floral motifs along the entire stem and handle. Named after the art of repoussé - the process of embossing metal from the back by hammering - this luxurious design was first crafted in 1828 and continues to endure as a popular collectible. It adds a distinctive touch to traditional and formal settings, or can lend a surprising pop of texture to a simple modern table. Polish your sterling silver once or twice a year, whether or not it has been used regularly.

Hand wash and dry immediately with a chamois or soft cotton cloth to avoid spotting.