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Dennis Meade
Solstice Bracelet with Enamel Tag
Item #: 129307
Dennis Meade
Solstice Bracelet with Enamel Tag

$1,700 Please call or email for price.
8" chain
18kt Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver
Enamel Tag

This particular Oval and Round Link Bracelet was inspired from the sculpture, "Gestation," on the beachfront in Santa Monica, California that has round overlapping panels of formed wood, which enclose an oval negative space where the setting sun passes at the Winter Solstice. The shapes are inner-linked to make a pleasing pattern that lays close to the wrist and is a pleasure to wear. It can be worn with casual or formal attire. Included is a small enameled tag with the Dennis Meade hallmark stamp on the back side, it can be custom enameled in any color.

Each piece made by Dennis reflects a journey from his originating inspiration through his innovative technical solutions. His unique process and personal commitment to the excellent quality of his products lend to making each creation meaningful to the customer. As each piece is handmade, please contact the store for availability and delivery time at 859-225-7474 or at sales@lvharkness.com.
**Please contact store for availability and details regarding this item at 866-225-7474 or at sales@lvharkness.com.