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Artel Glass
Woodland Bowl
Woodland Bowl
Item #: 136418
$1,650 Please call or email for price.
10" Diameter

A young doe scampers across a quiet forest glade. A pheasant rustles in the leaves above. A jackrabbit darts out from the bushes as flowers bloom on graceful vines. Pastoral woodland scenes like these have delighted audiences for centuries, from the 16th century prints of Joris Hoefnagel (a Dutch painter and engraver known for his portrayals of the natural world) to the imaginative fancy of children’s illustrator Beatrice Potter – both of whom were inspirations for this exquisitely detailed motif.

The beauty and complexity of this design are such that it can only be executed by a handful of the Czech Republic’s finest artisans. The stunning Large Bowl (which requires 48 hours of hand-engraving) functions equally well as a centerpiece or salad bowl. Woodland is also available in a full range of barware and decorative items. Further enhancing the uniqueness of this motif, a charming rabbit adorns the bottom of each Woodland item.

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