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Artel Glass
Yachting Odyssey DOF
Yachting Odyssey DOF
Item #: 114079
$148 Please call or email for price.
10 Ounces

ARTĚL continues its nautical tradition with the Golden Age of Yachting motif, a sleek barware series that uniquely captures the graceful lines of illustrious sailing ships. From schooners to cutters, the collection features six different yachts sailing through picturesque seascapes. The complex lines of the masts, hulls, and billowing sails of these splendid craft are expertly engraved on each piece.

Inspired by the paintings of William Bishop and Thomas Hoyne, as well as the photography of Charles E. Bolles and Morris Rosenfeld, the Golden Age of Yachting collection is sure to appeal to mariners and yachtsman (and their friends).